8/17/05 CSA pickup

Hello CSA and friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

Blueberries continues at a frenzied pace and we are now starting to rake for frozen bulk orders. Please place your order for frozen berries for the winter. We freeze them in 5# bags at $3,00/#.

The gardens are beautifully abundant: summer squash, beans, cukes, onions, chard, basil and tomatoes are starting. I am hoping to start making our blueberry syrup – whole berries with a bit of honey – available to you next week. I make a really good pesto – if any of you want me to make some for you and freeze it, let me know.

Don’t be shy about recipes for the cookbook!!! People don’t realize how much other people may enjoy a new recipe for zukes or wonderful berry desserts! Send or bring them to me and I’ll disburse them to the CSA and collect them for the future cookbook venture.

We’re looking forward to Nick arriving tomorrow!

Happy eating and many thanks,

Charlotte and Jim

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