8/3/05 CSA Pickup

Hello CSA and friends of Shalom Orchard,

Well, we’re moving into the real harvest season! Along with the beautiful raspberries, we have started raking blueberries and we will have quarts for you on Wed.! It is still early in the season and slow winnowing, but there’s a celebratory feeling to starting blueberries every summer. We will also have new potatoes and peas (almost the end of peas, sadly). The summer squash is starting, and along with broccoli, onions and basil will make a perfect stir-fry. Yummy!!

I did a thorough inventory of the lamb freezer and found only one leg of lamb, but lots of chops, both loin and rib, rolled shoulders, shanks, and steaks (like chops). I have received some great feedback on the lamb.

Again, we have chicken and eggs.

Some of you have shared recipes you have tried (Joan, your mint sauce sounded great!) and the suggestion has been made that we share recipes. I will start this Wed. with the BEST zuke relish (from a Franklin elder) and a delicious lamb recipe. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we will have a Shalom Orchard CSA cookbook!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wed., 4:00 – 6:00 PM.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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