Sep 26 2005 08:56 pm

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9/28 pickup

Dear CSA and friends of Shalom Orchard,

I have spent the weekend at the Common Ground Fair and have come back inspired by the beautiful veggies I saw there! I am looking forward to spending the snow covered months studying my seed catalogs and planning veggies for your eating pleasure next summer!

Today we took 48 chickens to the butcher and they are now in the freezer. I had 28 quartered and kept 20 whole. They dressed out at 6-7 #. I packaged two breast quarters together and two leg quarters together. Each package weighs about 3-4#. Some of you have given me orders, but I haven’t heard from some of you. If you want to order chickens, whole or by the parts, I can keep some of your order for later pickup (you can pay for them when you pick them up). Please let me know.

This week we still have summer veggies (squash, beans, tomatoes, cukes), leeks, potatoes, onions, and, if it doesn’t rain too much, some apples. We hope to start making cider this weekend, $4.00/half gallon. I hope you all will come out during the next few weeks for apples (bring your family for pick your own), cider, pumpkins and winter squash, Jurusalem artichokes and parsnips (they get very sweet after a frost). The cider freezes well and is great to have during the holidays. If you want to order any of these later veggies, etc., I will get them to you.

I have talked to several of you about adding two more weeks next year, for 14 weeks rather than 12. This will enable you to use your shares for the fall produce. So far, I have had 100% positives. Please let me know if you have strong objections. It will add $40.00 to the $20.00/week share and$60.00 to the $30.00/week share.

I look forward to seeing you Wed., 4-6PM.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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