Feb 24 2006 04:18 pm

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The Dreaded Bill

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

Well, the time has come to ask for payment for shares for the 2006 season. Some of you have contacted me with questions, and it has been great to talk to you!

Share prices are for 14 weekly pickups, which will begin at the end of June. $10/week =$140.00, $20/week = $280.00, $30.00 = $420.00. There are clusters of families on Mt. Desert Island, in Ellsworth and in Bangor. You may want to arrange to have one person from each area come each week and meet somewhere for distribution. For the new folks: I will e-mail you, usually over the weekend, what is available for the week, and you reply if you want eggs, chicken and lamb to be part of your share for the week, or if you want more of something to go over your share, or to buy wine. If you really don’t like a particular veggie, I will try to substitute with something you like, if we have enough available. Pick up will be on Weds., between 1 and 5PM. We thank you in advance for your support of our farm and sustainable agriculture!! We look forward to getting to know you all as part of our farm family and providing you with wonderful food and some good times too.

When you send your check, please send to Shalom Orchard and Winery, P.O. Box 4, Franklin, ME 04634. Our phone is 565-2312, if you have questions. Please include your snailmail address and phone #.

I hope to have early greens in April, which won’t be part of your share, but which will be available for purchase. I’ll keep you posted. We almost lost our greenhouse in the last big wind. It ended up across the pasture and twisted around itself. Somehow Jim wrestled it back in place and hopefully I will be able to get started almost on time.

We are coming to the home stretch in our apprentice interviewing process. We have met with a number of very interesting people and will soon be finalizing our selection. I will look forward to having two apprentices join us this season.

Hope you are all well.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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