August 2 pickup

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

Today we begin the blueberry season of 2006!!!!  The recent rains have plumped up the berries and it is a beautiful day to begin.  This year, with our boys working off the farm, we have the first ever all female crew!  Khimba, Sarah, Molly, Hannah, and Charlotte will be starting things off this week.  Saturday we will have two new apprentices joining us:  Maddie and Michelle!!  They have been working on another farm and are joining us for the remainder of the season to diversify their apprentice experiences.  We will be so very happy to have them join us.  Maddie is interested in making breads and pies – which may become available to you if there is interest.

This week we will have available:

blueberries!!  $5.50/qt, 3.00/pt  (shhh! This is a CSA price only.)
peas – $4/#  (these will be packaged in smaller weights, depending upon the yield for the week)
french haricot beans – not priced yet
leeks – $3/bu
scallions or, possibly,  Alsa Craig onions
zukes – not priced yet
cabbage – $2.50/#
a few sungold tomatoes!
chicken $3./#
eggs 3.25/doz

We are really getting into summer!!  I am waiting for the MOFGA price list to be published to finalize the pricing.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, 3-5:30 PM.

Thank you.

Jim and Charlotte

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