July 20 pickup

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We apologize for this email going out late – we are still cleaning up after the computer glitch.  We have been frantically trying to get caught up with the weeds after all the rain.  They are thriving now in the heat.  Most of the veggies like the heat, except for the lettuce, which is stalled for now.  We have spotted the first blossoms on the beans!  So soon we will have those lovely french haricots verts for you!

This week we will have:

some cherries ( crop is very light due to poor pollination)  $5/quart
raspberries!  $3.50/half pint
peas   $5/#
onions $2.50/bunch
young carrots $2.50/bunch
cabbage  $3/head
some swiss chard $3/bunch
some broccoli $???

I now have two price lists to work from:  Alberts Organics, a national list which is published weekly and is used by all of the retail markets; and also a list that has just come out by MOFGA, listing the retail and wholesale prices of some Maine organic farms.  We try to price according to these lists, but there will be some variation based on availability of a particular crop.

We will price by the pound, where appropriate, but we don’t always have a pound available.
When we have light producing crops, such as the broccoli right now, we try to spread it around by making up small packages.  We know it is disappointing when something is your favorite veggie!  For those broccoli lovers, take heart!!  We are just about to plant 72 seedings for fall production.  The cooler weather should enable higher yields than the early plantings.

We look forward to seeing you Wed., 3-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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