Pickup for Wednesday, 7/26/06

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

The rain over the weekend has produced a new, very healthy crop of weeds and we are fortunate this week to have a couple of extra hands on the farm – friends of our boys – who are helping to bring things under control.  The heat is bringing out the blooms in the squash, tomatoes and beans, but making it hard for crops like broccoli and lettuce.  But this is the nature of farming!

Here is a list of what we hope to have ready for you this week.  Please remember that we cannot always give you the amounts you may want of a particular veggie as we try to spread everything around, based on share size.  We are now basing our prices on the list published by MOFGA, since it reflects our local Maine market, rather than the national organic market.  Thus, you may notice some changes, up or down.  There will always be some variability between local farms as well.  Many CSAs do not price veggies, however we do try to give you a somewhat accurate idea of what your dollars are paying for.  Also, as the season progresses, you will find I like to throw in extras at no charge when there is abundance!

Here goes:

raspberries – $3.50 / half pint
leeks – $3/bunch
new potatoes – $1.5/#
peas – $2/half # bag
scallions – $1.50/bunch
cabbage – $2.50/#
basil – $2/bunch
other herbs $1.50/bunch

We look forward to seeing you Wed., between 3 – 5:30 PM.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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