August 16 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We are now entering the “food frenzy” time of year!  It would be hard not to have great meals with so many wonderful veggies available.  We are now in our third week of blueberries and the spirits of my wonderful crew remain high!  I cannot thank them enough for their continued enthusiasm for what, at times, is very hard and mind deadening work.  But the music and chattering over the winnower has not dulled and they stick with it!  Thank you Khimba, Molly, Sarah, Maddie and Michelle!!!!

This week we have available:
blueberries @ 5/qt
tomatoes@ 3./#
beans 3/#
summer squash 1.50/#
cabbage @ 2/#
chicken 3/#
eggs @3.25/doz

And, new this week:  blueberry syrup @ 6.00 and  blueberry jam @ 4.50 and frozen pesto @ 5/8oz.

MADDIE’S HOMEMADE BREAD!!  Maddie is making three breads which will be available for Wednesday:  whole wheat sourdough, pesto swirl, and zucchini muffins @$ 4/loaf or 12 muffins.  The breads will not be part of your shares, but can be paid for separately.  If the breads are a hit, they will be available weekly!  Maddie would love to take orders for your favorites as well.

Next week we are looking forward to cukes!

Please send us your favorite recipes for the future Shalom Orchard CSA Cookbook!  We will be posting some of these on the website as well.

BE SURE TO SEND YOUR FROZEN BLUEBERRY ORDERS!!  Berries are 3.50/# and are packaged in 5#bags.  You can begin picking these up next week.

We’re looking forward to seeing you Wed., from 3-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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