August 23 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

The last few days have been like an emotional rollercoaster for us here. Saturday, we discovered that we had lost a lamb (one born in January), probably from eating milkweed which can be poisonous to sheep. The loss of an animal is always hard and we were all a bit down about it. Yesterday, the girls came in excitedly to tell us there were two new lambs born during the night!! This was totally unexpected, as sheep usually lamb in the early spring. Rambouillets can lamb twice a year, but it is rare. But there they are, healthy male and female, nature’s way of keeping things in balance.

The time of abundance is upon us! Here is the list of veggies and other items available this week:

blueberries (probably the last week of fresh berries) 5/qt ORDER FROZEN BERRIES!

peaches!! (our first harvest) not priced yet

loganberries (bought locally – a cross between raspberries and blackberries – yummy!) 4/pint

tomatoes – cherry and hothouse 3.50/#

cabbage – 2/#

onions (only a few Alsa Craig) 1.50/#

leeks 3/bunch

potatoes 1.50/#

cukes (just getting started) 2./#

beans 3/#

summer squash (picked small) 1.50/# large squash for relish, etc., our gift to you!

chicken 3/#

eggs 3.25/doz

MIXED BOUQUETS (new!) 2/each

MADDIE’S BREADS: This week she is making Anadamah bread, WW sourdough, and Blueberry muffins!! She will be baking fresh for you on Wed. and again for the weekend. Let her know ahead if you have a special event and she’ll bake for you. Breads are 4/loaf and 4/doz muffins. It will be helpful if you order so she will know how many loaves to make. Breads are not part of your CSA share, as Maddie gets the $.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wed., 3-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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