Sept. 13 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

We have looked at the schedule of pickups for the rest of the season and, according to our calculations, the last pickup would be 9/27.  This is still too early to get us into apples and cider.  So, we have a proposal:  we skip two pickups – 9/27 and 10/4, with the final pickup on 10/11.  This will give us a chance to prepare for the Harvest Dinner on 9/27 and we will be picking apples the following week and press our first cider on Columbus Day, 10/9.  The at the final pickup your share can include apples, cider (which can be frozen), and storage crops of potatoes, onions, winter squash, beets, carrots and pumpkins.

Some of you have an outstanding share  and can use it then, or for frozen blueberries.  We want to know your thinking on this – please let us know.  If anyone has extra shares and wants to stop by for other veggies during those two weeks, we can arrange that individually.  Most of the summer veggies will be finishing by 9/27, but we will keep you updated on what is available here.

The Harvest Dinner is set for 9/30 at 5:30 PM.  We are planning a very special dinner for you.  We only ask you to bring some appetizers.  We will provide everything else.  Please RSVP.

This is our list of undelivered CSA frozen blueberries. We are, as always, very tight on our stock, so it is too late to order large quantities.  However, the CSA gets first choice, so we want to be sure that everyone who has ordered is on the list:

Brian – 100#
Margaret – 5#
Kay – 10#
Sue – 25#
Jen – 5#
Joan – 5#
Matt and Emily – 10#
Lori and Rob – 20#

Please let us know if you have ordered and have not picked up, and how you want to pay for these – with your share or by payment.

This week the offerings are: potatotes, edamame (soybeans in their shells), summer squash, green beans, leeks, tomatoes, cukes, ? melons, ?peppers, cabbage frozen berries.  Prices remain about the same as last week and we are still pricing the edamame, melons, peppers.  We have very few melons (an experiment this season) and peppers.

Next week we will begin harvesting the winter squash, carrots and storage cabbage in addition to whichever of the summer veggies that are still coming in.

This past week Jim bottled a lovely, light, very dry pear wine.  We had it with salmon last night and it was very nice.

Thanks for your patience in reading through this long email, please respond!

Thank you,
Charlotte and Jim

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