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Last pickup -10/11/06 Important to read!

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

It was wonderful to see all you who were able to come to the Harvest Dinner!!  And we missed all of you who were unable to come.  I am again thanking Khimba, Jim, our 2006 apprentices, Sarah, Maddie and Michelle for all their help!  We all had a great time. And we thank you, our farm family,  again for your support of Shalom Orchard and Winery during the 2006 season!

We started making cider today.  The good news is that we made 50 gallons; the bad news is that the press broke down in the middle of pressing.  So we have cider, just not as much as we had hoped.    We will be pressing again over the weekend.

This year we have taken honey from our bees for the first time – 60#!!  We tasted it today and everyone describes it as tasting like fresh flowers!  Especially apple blossoms!  It is really good and will be available for sale on Wed.

This week we will set up the pickup a bit differently.  We will set everything out, but not make up bags.  We will indicate amounts you can take of each item, if limited.  You can “shop”.  We encourage you to stock up on some storage veggies and chicken, wine,  and freeze some cider.

Those of you who have blueberries ordered and have not picked them up can do so Wed.

Following is a list of available items and their prices:

Shalom Orchard honey – 1# jar        $6.00
Winter squash                      1.50/#
potatoes                              1.50/#
garlic                               6.00/#
Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes)       2.00/#
cabbage                           1.50/#
carrots                               1.50/#
sweet cider                           5.00/half gallon
cooking apples                         .75/#
tomatoes (red and green)                    2.00/#
leeks                                3.00/bunch
turnips                                1.50/#
chicken                                3.00/#
eggs                                3.25/doz.

The Bangor group will have to email us to prepare your orders. However, the other folks should plan a bit of extra time to decide what you want and make up your bag and “check out”.

We encourage your feedback on how to improve our CSA.  We want to know what you want more of, less of, any thing your think will make us meet your needs better!

It has been a pleasure to spend another growing season with all of you!

We look forward to seeing you all on Wed., 3:00 – 5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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