August 26 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We still don’t have significant numbers of ripe tomatoes! I have called Chuck Weber, a friend and excellent organic grower in Lamoine to see if he will wholesale some to me to have for you. I am sure we will be inundated at some point. Last year we had tomatoes around the end of the first week in August. This has been a very cool summer, overall.

We have PEACHES!! @ 3/# (packaged in 2# bags unless you indicate otherwise)

cukes 1/# (time for pickles)

squash 2/#

beets with greens 2/# (return of the beet greens)

leeks 3/bu

onions 2.50/#

potatoes 2.5/#

beans 3/#

cabbage (red and green) 2/#

basil 2/4oz

fennel 3/bulb

garlic 7/#

homemade pesto 1.50/oz (packaged in 4-6oz containers)

whole berry blueberry jam 6/12oz jar

Don’t forget to start storing up on potatoes, onions and garlic for the winter!

Goings and comings:

Erin will be leaving us as an apprentice very soon. Her classes at COA will start on 9/6. She plans to help out during apple harvest so we don’t have to say goodbye yet, thank goodness. She has been a wonderful part of the crew and will be sorely missed!!

Some of you will remember Maddie, who was with us last year (you certainly remember her wonderful bread!!). She is arriving today to start COA! She is planning on living on the farm for the next two years. She promises to bake for you, at least until her classes get too busy. She will be bringing Michelle, also and apprentice last year, for a short visit. It is so wonderful when our chicks come home to roost!

Audrey’s friend Kim will arrive Saturday to apprentice until mid-November. Kim is Chinese, so we are looking forward to lots of Chinese cooking on the farm for a while!

And, with great pride, we are pleased to announce that Ric, our 22 year old son, has been accepted to Full Sail College, in Orlando, to study computer animation. He is transferring from SMCC and will start 9/26. This is his passion, and Full Sail is a very well-known school for computer graphics and animation. We look forward to visiting him in Hollywood someday!! We are very, very proud of Ric!!!

Thank you,