September 12 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

Apple time is upon us and we haven’t quite finished blueberry raking! However, we have frozen berries for all of your orders, so please plan to pick them up this week, if possible, so we can clear the freezer for the ones we are raking for wine.

This week we will have apples for you! We will be starting “pick your own” this weekend, so spread the word!

So, here goes:

apples (Macs and Corts) 1.50/#

cherry tomatoes!!! 3/pint

peppers (a few) 3.99/#

cukes 1/# (time for pickles)

squash 2/#

beets with greens 2/#

leeks 3/bu

onions 2.50/#

potatoes 2.5/#

beans 3/#

cabbage (red and green) 1.50/#

carrots 2/bu

basil 2/4oz

fennel 3/bulb

garlic 7/#

homemade pesto 1.50/oz (packaged in 4-6oz containers)

whole berry blueberry jam 6/12oz jar

frozen berries 1.25/#, packed in 5# bags

Don’t forget to start storing up on potatoes, onions and garlic for the winter!

Looking forward to seeing all of you Wed., 3-5:30.

Thank you,