September 26 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

It seems Verizon Internet was down over a huge area for the last couple of days, including ours, so I am sorry this could not go out before now.

Remember that after tomorrow, we will skip pickups until Oct. 17, when we will have a big pickup of storage crops, cider, lamb and orders for chicken, which will be ready at the end of October. This will be a good time to lay in for winter storage and to use any skipped pickups, so please try to figure out if you have some accumulated credit, and how much. That bookkeeping is more than I can keep up with!!

Then we will start cooking and will have our Harvest Dinner, our gift to you, on Saturday, Oct. 27. More details on that later. SAVE THE DATE!

Here’s what we have for this week:

apples 1.50/# cabbage (green and red) 1/# (on sale – time to make saurerkraut and kimchi!!) broccoli 3/# summer squash 2/# (last week) potatoes (including fingerlings) 2/50/# onions 2/5/# carrots 2/# beets 2/# leeks 3/# tomatoes 3/# cherry tomatoes 3/pt basil 2/4oz (could be the last week) fennel 3/bulb (so good in soups and stirfry) garlic 7/# pesto 1.50/oz (packaged in 4-6 oz containers) blueberry jam 6/12 oz jar

We are looking forward to seeing you between 3-5:30 tomorrow!

Thank you,