August 13 Pickup

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We need more sundances!!  This rainy weather is not good for the veggies, the tomatoes are slow to ripen and the dampness encourages all kinds of molds and mildews, so let’s all dance!!  We are seeing some sungold cherry tomatoes out there and will harvest what we have for you.  We also have leeks this week.

The additional light has helped the layers, so we have eggs back on the list – still limited in numbers, but increasing, thank goodness!  And chickens go to the butcher next Monday,  8/18, so it will be a good week to stock up on chicken.  Let us know if you want any before it its frozen and we will hold it back for you.

Some of you have ordered blueberries for the freezer, but not everybody.  BE SURE TO PLACE YOUR BLUEBERRY ORDER!!!  They are $3.25/# and are packed in 5# bags.  Even if you have given me your order, please confirm it again with me.

So, here is the list for this week:

sungold cherry tomatoes    (not sure how many we have this week)        $3.50/pt
leeks            $3.50/bu
green beans        $4/#
blueberries        $6/qt
broccoli            $3/# (there is limited broccoli as it is starting to put out side shoots)
peas            $3/#
Boston lettuce    $3/bag
parsley            $1.5/bu
cilantro            $2//b
dill                $2/bu
basil            $$2./bu
chard            $3/bag
bunching onions    $2/bu
green cabbage    $2/#
Blueberry syrup    $8/10oz bottle (our fruit and all organic ingredients)
Raspberry jam    $7/10oz jar       (same)
Cider syrup        $10/10oz bottle (ask to taste this – unbelievable!)
frozen pesto        $1.50/oz
eggs            $3.50/doz

We look forward to your reply and to seeing you on Wed., between 3-5:30 PM.

Thank you,