September 10 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

I just got back from RI last night – visiting the grandkids – so this will be brief.  We are now digging potatoes and carrots and pulling the onions – time to start storing for the winter!

So here’s what’s available this week:

potatoes            $2/# (fingerlings $3/#)
summer squash    $2.50/#
carrots            $2.50/bu
tomatoes        $3/#
sungold cherry tomatoes    $3.50/pt
leeks            $3.50/bu
broccoli            $3/# (there is limited broccoli as it is starting to put out side shoots)
parsley            $1.5/bu
cilantro            $2//b
dill                $2/bu
basil            $2/bu
fennel            $2/bulb
chard            $3/bag
onions    $2/bu
green and red cabbage    $2/#
Blueberry syrup    $8/10oz bottle (our fruit and all organic ingredients)
Peach Preserves    $7/12oz jar (our peaches, low sugar, all organic ingredients)
Cider syrup        $10/10oz bottle (ask to taste this – unbelievable!)
frozen pesto        $1.50/oz
eggs            $3.50/doz
chicken            $3.75/#

We look forward to your reply and to seeing you on Wed., between 3-5:30 PM.

Thank you,