September 17 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

I have been laid up with a sinus infection which is especially maddening on such gorgeous days.  However, thanks to Khimba and Dave, veggies are getting harvested.  The list is similar to last week, with the addition of some pickle relish I made over the weekend before the sinus infection hit and sunflowers.  Please note some changes in prices based on the MOFGA price list.

I also want to check in with all of you about the schedule of pickups for the rest of the season – we have 3 more pickups.  Would you rather come out two more times in Sept. and hold the last share for pickup in October after we have make cider which will probably happen on Sat. 10/4 or 10/11. Or, would you rather keep the weekly schedule and come out for cider individually?   Whenever the last pickup is, it will coincide with a big storage veggie harvest.  Please let me know your preference and I will try to do what the majority wants.

So here’s what’s available this week:

potatoes            $2/# (fingerlings $3/#)
summer squash    $2.00/#
carrots            $2.00/bu
tomatoes        $3/#
sungold cherry tomatoes    $3.00/pt
leeks            $2.50/bu
broccoli            $3/#
parsley            $1.5/bu
dill                $2/bu
basil            $2/bu
fennel            $2/bulb
chard            $2.50/bag
onions            $2/#
green and red cabbage    $1.50/#
Blueberry syrup    $8/10oz bottle (our fruit and all organic ingredients)
Peach Preserves    $7/12oz jar (our peaches, low sugar, all organic ingredients)
Cider syrup        $10/10oz bottle (ask to taste this – unbelievable!)
pickle relish        $5.00
frozen pesto        $1.50/oz
eggs            $3.50/doz
chicken            $3.75/#
sunflowers        $.50/stem

We look forward to your reply and to seeing you on Wed., between 3-5:30 PM.

Thank you,