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September 3 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

Wow!  It’s hard to believe the summer just flew by!!  But things are still growing here – this week is the 10th CSA pickup for this season.  What we have done in the past is to have 12 consecutive pickups and then skip a couple of weeks, saving one or two shares for the end of the season for storage veg., apples, cider and chicken stocking- up- for- winter, end of the season pickup in early October.

We have said good-bye to Shoshanna and Chris and wish them well in their academic year.  They promise to return a couple of times this fall.  They were wonderful apprentices and are greatly missed.  We welcome David Frey, who joined us about 2 weeks ago.  He comes from Philly and is a musician and mountain climber.  He plans to stay until December- which is wonderful- to have extra help through the apple harvest and cider season!

Thanks to those who came out and got some peaches over the weekend – there are still a few fresh peaches available for Wed., and we have yummy peach preserves this week, along with summer squash and potatoes along with the familiar list.  It’s the time of abundance and the vegetable challenge!

So here’s what’s available this week:

potatoes            $2/# (fingerlings $3/#)
summer squash    $2.50/#
peaches  –          $3/#
baby carrots        $2/bu
tomatoes        $3/#
sungold cherry tomatoes    $3.50/pt
leeks            $3.50/bu
green beans        $3/#
blueberries        $6/qt
broccoli            $3/# (there is limited broccoli as it is starting to put out side shoots)
parsley            $1.5/bu
cilantro            $2//b
dill                $2/bu
basil            $2/bu
fennel            $2/bulb
chard            $3/bag
bunching onions    $2/bu
green and red cabbage    $2/#
Blueberry syrup    $8/10oz bottle (our fruit and all organic ingredients)
Peach Preserves    $7/12oz jar (our peaches, low sugar, all organic ingredients)
Cider syrup        $10/10oz bottle (ask to taste this – unbelievable!)
frozen pesto        $1.50/oz
eggs            $3.50/doz
chicken            $3.75/#

We look forward to your reply and to seeing you on Wed., between 3-5:30 PM.

Thank you,

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