Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We are very happy to welcome Alice Fernald, from MDI, to our farm as our new apprentice. We hope she will be with us through the summer. She worked at Beech Hill Farm and on a farm in PA learning Amish practices.

I want to encourage you to lay in a few chickens (we took our last batch at the end of October and now we need to make room for turkeys!). We also have cabbages, leeks, potatoes, sunchokes and frozen blueberries.

We will be here this weekend – just let us know if you would like to come out and help us clear out the freezers.

Please let us know if you have ordered or want to order a turkey. These are American Bronze turkeys, available Tues., 11/24.

So here are some prices:

cabbage – green or red 1.50/#

potatoes 2/#

sunchokes 2/#

leeks 2/#

frozen blueberries 3.25/#

chicken 3.75/#

turkey (available Tues. 11/24) 4.50/#

Hope to see you this weekend!

Thank you, Charlotte