Shalom Orchard Organic Farm CSA – Time to sign up!

Dear CSA members and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

Well, March is here and it is time to join the CSA for the 1010 season! We have been planning the gardens and ordering seeds and amendments. Thank you to those who joined early to help us with cash flow for those purchases!

We have been interviewing apprentices and we are happy to tell you about our crew! As some of you know, Jim is now working full time at College of the Atlantic. Figuring out how to cover the work he did here seemed daunting. He will continue to manage the winery, but he did all the tractor work and fruit growing as well. But we put it out to the universe and wonderful folks have appeared. We will have 6 apprentices this year! And we have a family on the farm! Tali and Sequoia have Zalea, 4, and Solan 1. Sequoia is a winemaker himself and has worked in wine shops. He will assist Jim in the winery and Tali is interested in the gardens. Lauren and Andrew are also a married couple. Andrew is experienced in fruit growing and worked in a large orchard in Southern Maine. They may be building a cottage on the farm. Lauren is also interested in the gardens and both Tali and Lauren are very interested in fiber. Some of you may have met Alice, who has been here for the winter. MacKenzie will also be arriving at the end of May. We also have some WWOOFers coming through out the summer and fall. We are feeling very fortunate indeed to have such motivated folks on board. We look forward to having a small community here!

We are looking forward to trying some new interests. We will be experimenting with growing some heritage breeds of meatbirds this summer, in addition to the ones we have grown in the past. We are also interested in having some outdoor wine tastings. We plan to grow flowers again this year!

Here is the info on the CSA:

Join our CSA and be part of our Farm Family. Here’s how it works: you can purchase shares for $10/week, $20/week, $30/week or any other amount based on your family’s need. We have found that $20/week is about right for two people. Multiply the share weekly amount by 14, for the number of weeks we operate in the summer and fall. This will be your total share amount and is to be paid by 4/1/10.

Pickups at the farm are on Wednesdays, 3:00 – 5:30 PM. I will send you an email on Sunday or Monday with a list of what’s available and the MOFGA prices. This will enable you to choose what you want that week and fit it into your share amount. You can always go over your share amount for the week and pay by check.

We offer a full range of veggies and herbs throughout the summer and cherries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches and kiwis. You can also buy our processed products as part of your share, like preserves, blueberry syrup, applesauce, fresh cider, cider syrup and our famous pesto! We also raise meat chickens, turkeys and eggs (in beautiful shades of blue, green, pink and brown!). Also, we raise a variety of flowers that you can purchase separately. And, of course, our certified organic wines and meads are available for sale at our store.

Please email me or call 565-2312. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 4, Franklin, ME 04634.

We hope to grow for you this summer!

Charlotte Young Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery