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CSA pickup for Wednesday, 7/21/10

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

How quickly the summer is flitting by! We hope all of you are enjoying to the fullest! We are in the “weed stage” of the season. Lots of time is spent pulling weeds, in addition to harvesting. I am so grateful to our dedicated workers here! Alex Scarlotos, the son of one of our CSA families will be with us for the next 3 weeks, while his family is at camp at Abrams’ Pond. He has worked here for a couple of years and we look forward to his help again this year!

So here goes for this week:

raspberries 4/half pint (possibly) broccoli 3.50/bu sugar snap peas 2.50/half # beets with greens 3/bu chard 3/bu garlic scapes(the curled seed pod) 2/bu scallions 2/bn new potatoes 3/# arugula 2,50/ quarter # bag basil 1.75/bag parsley 2/bu cilantro 2.50/bu

organic fertile eggs 4/doz organic chicken (whole and quarters 4/#

lamb: loin chops $8/# rib chops 5/# butterflied leg 6/# rolled shoulder 6.50/# shanks 4/# ground 4/#

From Harmony Mill Dairy: John Pierce will drop off orders for Wed. pickup. We do this just as a convenience. If you don’t know Harmony Mill Dairy, it is a small dairy in Waltham. The milk is unpasteurized and comes in returnable 1/2 gal. bottles. John Edwards carries this milk as well as other natural food stores. These products do not count as part of your share, they are paid for separately.

whole milk 2.50/1/2 gal skim 2.50/1/2 gal bottle deposit (one time) 2.75 cream 2.00/1/2 pint ricotta 3.50/#, 2.00/1/2# cheddar (mild or sharp) 6.50/# ricotta-salada 2/1//2 # marscapone (unsweetened) 6.50/#, 3.50/1/2 #

We will see those of you that pick up at the farm Wed., betwwen 3-5:00 PM. COA deliveries will be on Thursday, 4:00 PM, in the Turrets parking lot.

Thank you,, Charlotte

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