Aug 30 2010 10:14 am

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CSA Pickup for 9/1/10

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

September is here and there are only 5 more CSA pickups! In the past we have skipped a week in order to leave pickups for cider and fall veggies. I will let you know if we are going to do that this year.

I made a mistake on Alice’s departure date – she is with us through this week, so you still have time to say goodbye to her. What a gift she has been this year!

So here goes for this week:

frozen blueberries 3.25/# green beans 3.75/# peppers 3/# hot peppers – Jalapenos and anchos 3/# chard 3/bu onions 2/bu leeks 3.50/# potatoes (new dug) 3,50/# broccoli 3.50/bu garlic 8/# zucchini 1.50/# patty pan yellow squash 1.50/# cherry tomatoes 3/# regular tomatoes 3/# cucumbers – pickling $2/# slicing 60 cents/cuke green leaf lettuce 2.50/quarter # dill 2/bu basil 1.75/bag parsley (flat leaf and curled) 2/bu cilantro 2.50/bu cutting celery (leaf celery) 2/bu

organic fertile eggs 4/doz organic chicken (whole and quarters 4/#

From Harmony Mill Dairy: John Pierce will drop off orders for Wed. pickup. We do this just as a convenience. If you don’t know Harmony Mill Dairy, it is a small dairy in Waltham. The milk is unpasteurized and comes in returnable 1/2 gal. bottles. John Edwards carries this milk as well as other natural food stores. These products do not count as part of your share, they are paid for separately.

whole milk 2.50/1/2 gal skim 2.50/1/2 gal bottle deposit (one time) 2.75 cream 2.00/1/2 pint ricotta 3.50/#, 2.00/1/2# cheddar (mild or sharp) 6.50/# ricotta-salada 2/1//2 # marscapone (unsweetened) 6.50/#, 3.50/1/2 #

We will look forward to seeing those of you who pick up at the farm between 3:00 to 5:30 PM on Wednesday. I will deliver to COA on Wednesday at 5:00PM.

Thank you, Charlotte

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