CSA Pickup for 9/22/10

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

I want to get this out before I leave for my youngest grandchild’s first birthday! We have been busily picking apples this week and are looking at a good harvest! We welcome Sarah and Kristin who will be with us through the fall. We have said a sad goodbye to Alice and we are glad Julie is still with us.

So here goes for this week:

apples 3/# cooking apples 1/# stalk celery 3/bu broccoli 3/# Beets 3.50/# green peppers 3.50/# hot peppers 3.50/# chard 3./bu onions (storage and sweet Alsa Craigs) 2/# leeks 2/# kale 4/# garlic 8/# zukes and patty pans 1,50/# cherry and regular tomatoes 3/# green tomatos 1/# cukes pickling 2/# slicing .60/cuke mixed leaf lettuce 2.50/quarter pound head lettuce (Buttercrunch – yum) 2/head cabbage green storage and green savoy(crinkly) 1.50/# dill 2/bu basil 1.75/bag parsley 2/bu cilantro 2.50/bu leaf celery 2/bu

cut flowers (sunflowers and zinnias) $l/stem

Organic fertile eggs 4/doz organic chicken 4/#

I will deliver to COA Wednesday at 5:00. We’ll see you from 3-5:00PM at the farm.

Thank you, Charlotte