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This week and next week – changes to last email

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We will be having an extra pickup (great time to use your unused shares!) today and tomorrow. We will have fresh cider available along with the veggies listed below. I will be away, so I won’t be checking email, but come on out and the apprentices can help you get your order together. Remember cider can be frozen – just pour out a couple of inches of cider to allow for expansion.

Available for Friday and Saturday, 10/8 and 10/9:

sweet cider $ 5.50/half gallon winter squash 1.50/# tomatoes 2/# cucumbers – slicing and pickling 1.00/# summer squash 1.50/# cabbage 1.50/# apples 2/# beets 3.50/# leeks 2/# pesto 1/oz

NEW INFORMATION: Next week we will have CSA pickup on Wednesday, as 10/13, from 3-5:30 at the farm and there will be a delivery to COA at 5:00 PM.. We will have a lot available – this is the “stock up for fall” pickup! You can email your orders or come and shop. We will have the Harmony Mill products if you order them.

Sweet cider $5.50/half gallon True Blue 100% organic blueberry juice $4/bottle Cider syrup 10/10oz bottle blueberry butter 5/8 oz. jar our famous pesto 1/oz winter squash 1 .50/# apples 3/# cooking apples 1/# stalk celery 3/bu broccoli (limited amount) 3/# beets 3.50/# green peppers 3.50/# hot peppers 3.50/# chard 3./bu onions (storage and sweet Alsa Craigs) 2/# leeks 2/# kale 4/# zukes and patty pans 1,50/# cherry and regular tomatoes 3/# green tomatos 1/# cukes pickling 2/# slicing .60/cuke mixed leaf lettuce 2.50/quarter pound cabbage green storage and green savoy(crinkly) 1.50/# red storage 1.50/# dill 2/bu basil 1.75/bag parsley 2/bu cilantro 2.50/bu leaf celery 2/bu cut flowers $3/bu

Organic fertile eggs 4/doz organic chicken 4/#

From Harmony Mill Dairy: John Pierce will drop off orders for Wed. pickup. We do this just as a convenience. If you don’t know Harmony Mill Dairy, it is a small dairy in Waltham. The milk is unpasteurized and comes in returnable 1/2 gal. bottles. John Edwards carries this milk as well as other natural food stores. These products do not count as part of your share, they are paid for separately.

whole milk 2.50/1/2 gal skim 2.50/1/2 gal bottle deposit (one time) 2.75 cream 2.00/1/2 pint ricotta 3.50/#, 2.00/1/2# cheddar (mild or sharp) 6.50/# ricotta-salada 2/1//2 # marscapone (unsweetened) 6.50/#, 3.50/1/2 #

I will deliver to COA Wednesday at 5:00. We’ll see you from 3-5:30PM at the farm.

In addition to the list above, we may have some surprises. We will have JIM’S SMOKED CHICKEN available, but please order ahead. I am going to make some swope bread!! Those of you who have been with in past years know this wonderful soda bread. Order it early!

ORDER YOUR TURKEYS! These are the American Bronze breed. Last year the turkeys got huge! This year we started them a month later, so we are hoping for smaller birds in the 14-25# range. You can request a hen or a Tom. They will be available Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

Organic turkeys $4.50/#

I will be away this weekend, but I will see you all on Wednesday, 10/13, for the last pickup of the year. We will be making cider again soon and I will contact you.

Thank you, Charlotte

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