Price List for 9/14/11

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

This week we are adding regular tomatoes, kale, lettuce (both leaf and mix) and cabbage (red and green), applesauce and apples (Wolf River) to the list. We have to take eggs off the list because the chickens are not laying well with the shortening of the days.

We are still raking blueberries for frozen berries, so we will be calling those of you who have ordered bulk berries when they are ready for pickup.

So here goes:

regular tomatoes $3.00/# Cherry tomatoes 3.00/pint lettuce (leaf and mix) 2.50/quarter # celery 1.50/head summer squash 2.50/# green peppers 3.50/# cukes 2.00/# French Haricot beans 4.00/# new dug potatoes 3:00/ # swiss chard 2.50/bunch kale 4.00/bunch cabbage (red and green) 2.00/# (heads are small) baby carrots 2.50/bunch onions (brown and red) 2.00/# leeks 3.00/bunch garlic bulbs 8.00/# Wolf River apples 2.00/# (great for cooking) chervil 2.00/bunch parsley 2.00/bunch basil 2.00/bag mint 1.00/bunch blueberry jam 5.00/jar pesto (frozen in 4 or 5 oz containers) 1.00/oz applesauce (no sugar) 5.00/qt

Chicken: whole and leg quarters $4.00/# breast quarters 5.00/#

Thank you, Charlotte