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Aug 29 2006

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August 30 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

Who can believe it is the end of August!!  This month has flown by in the intensity of blueberry season and the abundant harvest coming in.  We have had to say goodbye to Sarah and Molly as they move on in their lives.  We thank them so very much for all they brought to the farm!  Sarah promises to come back the first weekend of each month for the Blue Hill contradance and we hope to see Molly between her exciting trips to far-flung parts of the world.  We have been so very blessed with wonderful young people joining us and we are so glad to have Maddie and Michelle continuing on for a while longer with us!!!

We are starting to plan our CSA Harvest Dinner.  We are looking at Saturday, Sept. 30.  Those of you who were with us last year know that this is our gift to you, our friends and CSA members, to say thank you for your support of our farm, and to celebrate the wonderful time of harvest.  So, SAVE THE DATE!!  More details will follow, but just plan on being hungry!

Our offering this week are pretty much the same as last week, however, fresh blueberry season is over.  If you would like your frozen blueberry orders to count toward your share, just let us know.  Frozen berries are 3.50/# and are packaged in 5# bags.

French haricot beans:        3/#

small summer squash        1.50/#  large ones free for relish, etc.

leeks                    3/bu

hothouse and cherry tomatoes  3.50/#

cukes                    2/#

potatoes                    2/#

cabbage                2/#

peaches                    3.50/#

chicken (very freshly frozen Monday!)   3/#

eggs                    3.25/doz

We will soon be digging all the storage onions, carrots and beets and starting to harvest the winter squash.  We have harvested the garlic and it is drying and will be ready to distribute it about  two weeks.

Maddie is making Anadama and WW Sourdough breads this week.  Maybe some muffins.  Please order so she knows how many loaves to make.

We look forward to seeing you on Wed., 3-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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Aug 22 2006

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August 23 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

The last few days have been like an emotional rollercoaster for us here. Saturday, we discovered that we had lost a lamb (one born in January), probably from eating milkweed which can be poisonous to sheep. The loss of an animal is always hard and we were all a bit down about it. Yesterday, the girls came in excitedly to tell us there were two new lambs born during the night!! This was totally unexpected, as sheep usually lamb in the early spring. Rambouillets can lamb twice a year, but it is rare. But there they are, healthy male and female, nature’s way of keeping things in balance.

The time of abundance is upon us! Here is the list of veggies and other items available this week:

blueberries (probably the last week of fresh berries) 5/qt ORDER FROZEN BERRIES!

peaches!! (our first harvest) not priced yet

loganberries (bought locally – a cross between raspberries and blackberries – yummy!) 4/pint

tomatoes – cherry and hothouse 3.50/#

cabbage – 2/#

onions (only a few Alsa Craig) 1.50/#

leeks 3/bunch

potatoes 1.50/#

cukes (just getting started) 2./#

beans 3/#

summer squash (picked small) 1.50/# large squash for relish, etc., our gift to you!

chicken 3/#

eggs 3.25/doz

MIXED BOUQUETS (new!) 2/each

MADDIE’S BREADS: This week she is making Anadamah bread, WW sourdough, and Blueberry muffins!! She will be baking fresh for you on Wed. and again for the weekend. Let her know ahead if you have a special event and she’ll bake for you. Breads are 4/loaf and 4/doz muffins. It will be helpful if you order so she will know how many loaves to make. Breads are not part of your CSA share, as Maddie gets the $.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wed., 3-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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Aug 15 2006

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August 16 pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We are now entering the “food frenzy” time of year!  It would be hard not to have great meals with so many wonderful veggies available.  We are now in our third week of blueberries and the spirits of my wonderful crew remain high!  I cannot thank them enough for their continued enthusiasm for what, at times, is very hard and mind deadening work.  But the music and chattering over the winnower has not dulled and they stick with it!  Thank you Khimba, Molly, Sarah, Maddie and Michelle!!!!

This week we have available:
blueberries @ 5/qt
tomatoes@ 3./#
beans 3/#
summer squash 1.50/#
cabbage @ 2/#
chicken 3/#
eggs @3.25/doz

And, new this week:  blueberry syrup @ 6.00 and  blueberry jam @ 4.50 and frozen pesto @ 5/8oz.

MADDIE’S HOMEMADE BREAD!!  Maddie is making three breads which will be available for Wednesday:  whole wheat sourdough, pesto swirl, and zucchini muffins @$ 4/loaf or 12 muffins.  The breads will not be part of your shares, but can be paid for separately.  If the breads are a hit, they will be available weekly!  Maddie would love to take orders for your favorites as well.

Next week we are looking forward to cukes!

Please send us your favorite recipes for the future Shalom Orchard CSA Cookbook!  We will be posting some of these on the website as well.

BE SURE TO SEND YOUR FROZEN BLUEBERRY ORDERS!!  Berries are 3.50/# and are packaged in 5#bags.  You can begin picking these up next week.

We’re looking forward to seeing you Wed., from 3-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and Jim

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