Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

All of our peaches are ripe and falling off the trees, as is the way of peaches.  After we picked for you on Wedl., we had to pick most of the rest of them today, and as you know, tree ripened peaches don’t keep well – they are very fragile.  So if you can come out tomorrow, Sunday, we will have them available at $3.00/#.  They will very quickly have to become jam!  So we hope to see some of you tomorrow to enjoy this very brief moment of deliciousness!!

We hope you are enjoying this weekend!!

Thank you and happy Labor Day,

August 27 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

Thanks to those of you who are helping with the freezer crisis.  I will never again raise 75 meatbirds to be in the freezer during blueberry season.  Our freezer management is almost a full-time job with the need to rotate our fruit for wine and chickens!

Our summer squash are coming on, but not ready to harvest yet, but we have lots of cukes, baby carrots, PEACHES, and, of course, chicken!  Red tomatoes are coming on as well and we will have a few for you this week.

So here is the list for this week:

peaches  -  we’re waiting on MOFGA to send me pricing on them
baby carrots        $2/bu
tomatoes        $3/#
sungold cherry tomatoes    $3.50/pt
leeks            $3.50/bu
green beans        $3/#
blueberries        $6/qt
broccoli            $3/# (there is limited broccoli as it is starting to put out side shoots)
peas            $3/# (this will probably be the last week for peas)
red lettuce         $3/head
parsley            $1.5/bu
cilantro            $2//b
dill                $2/bu
basil            $2/bu
fennel            $2/bulb
chard            $3/bag
bunching onions    $2/bu
green cabbage    $2/#
Blueberry syrup    $8/10oz bottle (our fruit and all organic ingredients)
Raspberry jam    $7/10oz jar       (same)
Cider syrup        $10/10oz bottle (ask to taste this – unbelievable!)
frozen pesto        $1.50/oz
eggs            $3.50/doz
chicken            $3.75/#

We look forward to your reply and to seeing you on Wed., between 3-5:30 PM.

Thank you,


Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

I have managed to get us into a freezer crisis by raising 75 meatbirds in the middle of blueberry season!  Now half the birds went to the butcher last Monday and half will go this Monday and our freezers are running over.  If any of you are thinking you would like to buy chicken, this is the time.  Any orders over 25# will receive a 10% discount.  Help us out if you can.  And we will be trying to get your frozen blueberry orders out to you as they are raked, in order to free up more space.

Thank you so much for your help!