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In 2002, we established a commercial winery featuring fruit and honey wines, produced from our own and other local organic fruits. We specialize in apple, blueberry and cranberry wines and smaller productions of raspberry, kiwi, and honey mead wines. 

Organic Fruit Wines

Our wines are made from the fruits of Maine.  All the fruit is organically grown on our farm or other local organic farms.  We strive to maintain the integrity of the fruit flavor of our wines.

Philosophy of Winemaking

Our fruit wines are vinified organically, as well as grown organically, certified by MOFGA under the NOP standards.  We were the first organic winery on the East Coast.

As a certified organic winery, we do not use sulfites or other chemicals used in conventional winemaking.  Many wines are sold as organic that are merely made from organically grown fruit.

Blueberry Wine

A long cold fermentation retains rich blueberry flavor and healthful anti-oxidants.  Compares to a full-bodied red wine, and pairs with meat & bean dishes.

Pear Wine

Dry & flinty with a superb pear flavor & aroma, with a tart, crisp finish.
Excellent pairing for our local seafood.

Apple Wine

Aged three years to bring out it’s robust apple character this wine is fruity and mellow with residual sweetness.  Excellent with cheeses and desserts.  We also make an Apple Cyser fermented with honey.

Cranberry Cyser

Fermented with our own apple cider, which extracts a full cranberry flavor, and honey which balances the tartness of the cranberries.  Pairs with poultry and cheeses.

Honey Mead

Light, charming, honey flavor, slightly sweet, excellent for sipping or paired with light desserts.

Coming Soon!

New fruit wines, Kiwi, Raspberry & Blackberry, and specialty wines Maple & Wintergreen will be available for the summer

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