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First Pickup

Hi CSA and friends of Shalom Orchard and Winery,

After the very wet Spring and a terrible battle with slugs, it looks like we are actually going to be able to harvest some vegetables!! Peas and broccoli are almost ready and we have lettuce, radishes and scallions for you. We took our first batch of chickens to the butcher last Saturday and they are delicious. We used organic grain from Aroostook County, produced by a small, family owned grainary and they grew so well, that they dressed out at 8-9 pounds, on the average. (Don’t worry, Chuck and Janet, there are a few smaller!!) We had the butcher cut most of them into quarters, and we packaged them in breast and leg-thigh sections. We will sell them by the pound and we do have whole chickens, as well. We will start another group of chicks on July 20th and they will be ready in early October, so think about freezing for the winter

We are going away to visit grandkids the weekend of the 16th, so we would like to plan pickup/delivery on Wednesday the 13th. Please come to the farm (unless we have made other arrangements) between 4-6:00 in the afternoon. Please let me know by e-mail how much chicken you want, and if you want dark or white meat or a combo, and how many dozen eggs (chicken is $3.00/# and eggs are $3.00/dozen). We will fill your share with chicken and eggs first, and complete with veggies. Wine purchases can be made anytime separately. We look forward to showing you around when you come for pickup. We now have our sheep and the apples are looking good. After this first pickup, we will plan to do pickups on Saturdays with the exception of Labor Day weekend when we will be delivering our boys to college.!

Hope everyone is well and hungry for delicious organic food! Please remember to reply with your chicken and egg orders and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

Charlotte and Jim