Price List for 9/28/11

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

It is very hard to believe that there are only 2 pickups left in the season! The last pickup date will be Wednesday, 10/5. However, there are a couple of exceptions to this: we will be purchasing winter squash from another organic farm as our crop is so light (apparently it has not been a good year for winter squash in Hancock County). I will be picking these up on 10/12 and you can pick these up after that date. I will need orders for these – so let me know what you would like to have for winter. The varieties are buttercup, acorn, kobochu, delicata and acorn. Another is exception is for cider – we will have a second pressing on 10/15 and we invite you to come by for fresh cider! Also, of course, are for turkey orders. We will have those ready – fresh, not frozen – on Tuesday of the week of Thanksgiving.

For this week, we have added French Haricot beans and table apples.

So here goes:

regular tomatoes $3.00/# cherry tomatoes 3.00/pint lettuce (leaf and mix) 2.00/quarter # celery 1.50/head summer squash 1.50/# green peppers 3.50/# cukes 2.00/# potatoes 2:00/ # swiss chard 2.50/bunch kale 4.00/bunch cabbage (red and green) 2.00/# (heads are small) carrots 2.50/bunch onions (brown and red) 2.00/# leeks 3.00/bunch beets with greens 3.00/bunch garlic bulbs 8.00/# Wolf River apples 2.00/# (great for cooking) mixed table apples 2.00/# chervil 2.00/bunch parsley 2.00/bunch basil 2.00/bag mint 1.00/bunch blueberry jam 5.00/jar pesto (frozen in 4 or 5 oz containers) 1.00/oz applesauce (no sugar) 5.00/qt

Chicken: whole and leg quarters $4.00/# breast quarters 5.00/#

Thank you, Charlotte