9/14/05 Pickup

Hello CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

We had such a great time being with all of you Sunday evening! We are so glad that some of you brought friends and family, and we missed those of you who couldn’t be there. Personally, I think Jim’s fireworks took the show! I especially want to thank Michael Whalley for organizing all the kids! Thank you all for coming, for bringing yummies, and for your help with cleanup!. For us the CSA is so very special – your support for this farm keeps us going and we look forward to continuing to grow you good food! Next year I plan to have the commercial stove up and running in the winery, so it will be much easier to get all that food out to you.

This week we will have beets, green beans, onions, cukes, squash, tomatoes, lettuce and basil. Thinking ahead – the chickens will go to the butcher 9/26, so the pickup on the 28th would be a good time to take chicken for the winter or reserve it and we will keep it for you. I can have it cut into quarters or leave them whole. They will not be quite as large this time.

We will be starting to pick apples next week, so look forward to them. We will start making cider the first weekend in Oct., so plan on coming out to get fresh cider! Yum! It can be frozen and is so good to have for winter mulling.

Let’s keep working on those recipes!!

Some of you have told me of folks that are interested in the CSA. Please give me their names and I can contact them. For the Bangor group, if you can’t find new members, we will alternate weeks with you and bring your orders to you. You are very valuable to us! And for you who live on Mt. Desert Island, there will be several folks joining from the Island, so you can work out an alternating pickup arrangement.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wed., 4-6:00.

Thank you,
Charlotte and Jim

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