9/7 Pickup

Hello CSA and friends of Shalom Orchard,

I am writing you from RI where I am visiting my daughter and son and their
families – including my four wonderful grandkids. We have had a much
needed R&R after the hectic pace of blueberry season!

I will be home tomorrow night and we will be having CSA pickup as usual on
Wed. from 4-6:00. Veggies for this week are much like last week, with
onions rather than leeks.

Apple harvest will be coming right up, probably beginning around the third
week of Sept. We will begin cider making toward the end of the month.
Plan to bring your family out for a day of apple picking – it’s a
wonderful experience.

We will be butchering chickens around the middle of Oct. and that will be
the time to order for winter. Of course, you can come get them from us

We are really looking forward to the CSA Harvest Dinner on Sunday, Sept.
11 around 5:00 PM. Many of you have asked what to bring and, after
initial reluctance, I have faced reality and realized I do need some help
and it would be GREAT if you could bring an appetizer or dessert!! Thank
you! I still haven’t heard from some of you with final head counts and it
would help in the planning if you can let me know how many are coming with
your family group. We have a couple of folks who are interested in
joining next year and a few people who are long time supporters of the
farm. We can’t wait to see you all and share in the harvest.

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