August 22 Pickup

Dear CSA and Friends of Shalom Orchard,

I am sorry to be getting this out to you all so late, but we have been having Internet problems last night and this morning, so I had to take this to Mr. Paperback to send it.

We are now working on freezer berries, so this is the last week we will have fresh blueberries to sell. Be sure you have sent me your order for frozen berries. This week we have pretty much the same veggies as last week. I have been making pesto to sell. In addition to blueberries, we will have blackberries this week

French haricot beans 3.00/# summer squash 2.50/# cukes 2/# potatoes 3/# leeks 3/bu fresh garlic 7/# cabbage (red and green) 2/# basil 2/bu cilantro 2/bu parsley 2/bu fennel 3/bulb pesto 6/4oz blueberries 5/qt blackberries 3.50/pint

Our tomatoes are very late to ripen, probably due to the cool weather and the fact that we did not plant them under a hoophouse this year. We won’t do that again next year! We will probably have tomatoes along with the apples! Remember to start stocking up on potatoes, garlic and cabbage.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow between 3:00-5:30.

Thank you,

Charlotte and the Shalom Orchard crew